Our values

A civic company for community interest

Therapeutic Progress

CEFALY Technology innovates in the medical domain with as main objective the Therapeutic Progress. This means that the new products must bring a benefit to the patients in comparison with existing treatments. The activity is therefore driven by patient's interest and not by the search for market shares by developing "me-too" drugs or devices.

The Therapeutic Progress can address the efficacy of the treatment in clincal practice, on the reduction of side effects, on the convenience of use or on the reduction of cost to the society and to the patients.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development

We take care to ensure that our products are made with respect for environmental standards.

We are particularly vigilant as regards the monitoring of batteries and their disposal once they are spent. The same goes for all the accessories that accompany our products. These are of equally high quality and are extremely durable, enabling them to guarantee an extremely long service life.

Ethics and fair trade

We take care to ensure that all points along the chain, from the production of raw materials to the points of sale, are respected and enjoy fair pay for their work.

We are extremely attentive to the wellbeing of people who manufacture our products. To this end, we inspect all our production facilities and we work virtually exclusively with subcontractors based in Europe.

Conditionnement en Belgique

Wellbeing and fulfilment of staff and colleagues.

Our company’s strength is determined by the quality and motivation of its workforce.

We ensure that everyone receives training appropriate for their role, but we also take care to ensure that this training also represents development that offers opportunities for the future. Our working conditions are excellent. We all work in an atmosphere of respect and support. Comfort and quality of life in the workplace are considered for each individual on a personal basis and are constantly improved.

CEFALY Technology


Quality and safety are key aspects of CEFALY Technology's core values. A comprehensive quality management system has been introduced and is constantly updated.

All products of CEFALY Technology bear the CE mark for the medical devices.

CEFALY Technology is ISO certified : Design, development and production processes comply with the strictest quality standards:

  • ISO Medical 13485 (quality system specific to medical materials)
  • ISO13485 under CMD CAS
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • GCP (Good Clinical Practice)

Our History


Foundation of STX-Med with the mission to research and develop practical innovations in the field of electronics and bio-electronics for use on humans.


Launch of the CEFALY® project


Presentation of a first device at the Cosmoprof fair in Bologne


Workflows control & certifications


Launch of Cefaly® & new research programs
Presentation of Cefaly® at the Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf
Research in the field of neurostimulation


Presentation of Cefaly® at the Arab Health trade fair in Dubai
Collaboration with 5 University for the evaluation of Cefaly® safety and efficacy for migraine prevention


ISO13485 CMD CAS certification (for Canada)


Start of TRADONI research project about chronic pain treatment.
STX-Med winner of Grand Prix Wallonie Export
Launch of Cefaly® on the French market with a press conference in Paris


Publication in the peer review journal « Journal of Headache and Pain » of a clinical trial reporting the use of the Cefaly by more than two thousand patients.
Extension of the CEFALY distribution in England and Denmark
US FDA approval of the Cefaly device
CEFALY Technology voted « Entreprise Prometteuse de l’année »
Launch of Cefaly in Saudi Arabia
ANVISA approval and lauch of Cefaly in Brazil
US office opening
Launch of Cefaly in Scandivania
Signature of a exclusive distribution contract in Taiwan
CEFALY Technology celebrates its 10th anniversary and ends the year by doubling its turnover


Pierre Rigaux voted « Manager Liegeois de l’année 2014 »
Signature of an agreement protocol with the Hanghzou University
Lauch of Cefaly distribution in Philippines and Greece
Publication in the peer review journal « Journal of Headache and Pain » of a clinical trial reporting the efficacy of the Cefaly device
Signature of a distribution agreement in China